British onions to British customers, all year round

We are proud to be one of the largest onion producers in Britain today. Our aim is to provide British onions to British customers all-year round. In fact by utilising our growing experience, carefully choosing crop varieties to suit the types of soils we farm and fastidiously monitoring every stage of crop production – from planting to harvesting, we can not only guarantee the traceability of our onions, we can guarantee to keep supplying them.

Owning and operating our own farms allows us to maintain complete control of our crops as they grow. Provenance is the fundamental aspect of everything we produce. We don’t use contractors to plant or harvest our produce. Every single onion and potato is sown and grown using our own equipment, which means by the time it comes to harvesting, our customers can rest assured that our stores are full of the finest British grown onions and potatoes available.